About Rob Ketterling

Rob Ketterling

Being the son of a military sergeant, Rob's dream was to be a Navy pilot. He didn't make it past the screening - slight color blindness stopped the dream at the start. Led down a different path, Rob's faith led him to the Amazon jungle basin to serve the poorest of the poor. Sleeping in the rainforest under a mosquito net, Rob heard the call from God to be a pastor and to focus on reaching the world with good. After attending bible school, Rob became a pastor and eventually founded River Valley Church in an elementary school in 1995. Under Rob's leadership the church has grown into a thriving church with nearly 10,000 in attendance across its eight U.S. campuses. In addition, the church under Rob's tenure has given away over $45,000,000 to outside organizations and relief efforts all around the world.

Through Rob's unique and practical teaching style, vision casting and gifts of leadership, he is able to impact people in all walks of life. Rob likes to describe himself as a white collar thinker with a blue collar work ethic - someone who could get along with anyone, no matter their background or status.

Rob is the author of the books Change Before You Have To, Thrill SequenceFront Row LeadershipFix It and his latest release, Speed of Unity. In addition to leading River Valley, he also serves on several organizational boards including North Central University, Stone Table, ARC and others. Rob speaks at churches, conferences and company events all around the world.

Rob and Becca, his wife of 34 years, have two sons, Connor and Logan, and daughter-in-laws, Alexia and Mikayla.