Fix It

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Even before the smoke starts to rise, every leader sees the signals that something isn’t right. Your wide variety of problems may vary in severity, scope, and timing, but they have one thing in common: People are looking to you to fix them all!

But before you go running for the fire extinguisher, the duct tape, or to schedule an emergency meeting of your board of elders, see what Pastor Rob Ketterling has to say. It may surprise you to discover that the problem isn’t yours to fix.

With wisdom acquired through personal experience and no shortage of trial and error (which he shares with brutal honesty and a large dose of humor), Ketterling will verify that some problems are indeed yours to handle. Other times, however, it’s best to delegate the matter to “them” (your staff, lay leaders, volunteers, or whomever), or you risk denying others valuable opportunities to learn and grow. And sometimes, nothing less than a “big boom” from God will resolve a dilemma. The key is to learn which route to take in every situation.