I couldn’t sleep this morning so I was up at 4:30 and actually I was refreshed. That’s not normal as I only went to bed 4 and a half hours earlier and my mind kept saying, “This does not compute, back to bed!” But my spirit overcame my flesh and now It’s almost 7AM and I’ve just enjoyed the most wonderful time of prayer, devotions, worship, reading and reflection. (I even did a Tweet or two!) 

I had choices, stay in bed and fight it, get up and waste time, get up and maximize the time, and a few others, but I’m glad that an early morning lead to a great start to my day. Special thanks to Hillsong Church for the Cornerstone worship CD, it made it all the sweeter! 

One thought on “COULDN’T SLEEP

  1. Dear Pastor Rob,
    I have so enjoyed the recent series on tithing. I want to thank you for making me feel special during your sermons. I am a divorced mom who money is an issue for. I became obsessed with fear of how would I support myself and my two older children alone and still give to God. SO, i stopped giving as much and justified it as a “necessity “to live. Well, life got a bit unmanagable and it was heavy on my heart that I wasn’t being a ten percenter! So, i had a talk with God and said, OK, I am going to trust you and I am counting on your word. Needless to say, I am cooking with gas again! My finances have been blessed and I am one of the richest poor person I know. I am back to feeling “right” inside and it permiates in my family. I am one of the middle income people you spoke of and feel VERY proud. Thank you so much Pastor Rob for being you!

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