I recently returned from a trip to Cuba to work with local pastors and churches and was so impressed with what I saw. The Church was alive, educated, growing, spirit lead and organized. It made me want to do all that I could to help them do more, I can’t say enough good about the Assemblies of God in Cuba and all the work with Global University. I’ll be back for sure!

I hope you read that and realized that if I’m a person you respect, that’s a strong endorsement and you should be willing to help too. If you don’t know me, well then you have to decide to listen, do some research or ignore me. It’s the power of an endorsement from someone you know that carries the most weight however.

I’ve learned that over and over again when I see that the #1 way people come to a church is because they were invited by someone they trust. They believed their endorsement. So go out on a limb today, endorse the things you believe in, give them a shout-out and see what God can do if you use your power of an endorsement!